Server Installation and Maintenance

We cater for all needs, whether a client requires high speed, increased memory or huge capacity. Your custom server will be designed with your specific requirements in mind.
It’s worth considering a custom server if:file (3)

  • You demand high performance from your server.
  • You have a large database that would require fast hardware to support it.
  • Your current server is no longer sufficient for your growing business.

If you already have a server, quite often a full service can dramatically increase the speed of your existing equipment, saving you money.
Please contact us to find out how affordable our custom servers are and how they can help your business.
Our servers can run Windows Server 2003 and 2008 or any Linux variation your require. Hardware RAID allows for fast data access, ideal for databases, virtualisation and mail servers.


IT support contracts come with 24/7 server and network monitoring as standard, enabling us to make regular checks on potential areas of weakness, including:

  • Backup routine and anti-virus updates
  • Drive space, growth rate and disk health checks
  • TCP service monitoring and network security
  • SNMP and network device connectivity checks
  • Patch management
  • End-user alerts and customer reporting