End User Training

End User Training is one of the key parts of our service offering. Our Training Team is able to help your organisation with the scoping, planning, development and delivery of End User Training. Good use of End User Training can help your organisation to achieve:

  • realisation of the benefits of your investment
  • consistency of use of both the software and related business process
  • staff retention, as employees feel valued to receive training and more confident in their work.

The aim of End User Training is to make users of our business software solutions familiar with the processes surrounding their role.

Following a detailed scoping exercise, the Training team will work with you to identify:

  • the areas that you want to rollout as End User Training
  • the detailed content of the training
  • the delivery mechanism for the training.

After an agreement has been reached, the End User Training will be developed. Its delivery can be in a number of forms including:

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Formal classroom training

This includes hands on training with exercises for delegates to practice. A trainer leads this training.


This also includes hands on training with exercises for delegates to practice. A remote trainer is present through the WebEx facility. This is ideal if you want to run follow-on sessions – for those that were unable to attend the main rollout of the End User Training.

Floor walking

This involves the availability of a trainer, on site, during the run up to go-live and/or post go-live. The trainer will be available for ad hoc queries on the areas that were covered during the End User Training. This may result in 1-1 Coaching, or further training sessions being scheduled for those that were not included in the original training, but now need to use the system.


This form of training is ideal for those that need an appreciation of what is required, without having to perform any processes.


Online tutorials can be developed that take the user through the steps in the process. They are then available to be run on a regular basis for new users or as a refresher for existing users.

1-1 coaching

This 1-1 Coaching may be required for a variety of reasons including additional support for your super user, or for additional coaching for those that may be struggling with the new concepts.

Normally such training is delivered at your premises on your training environment. If this is not possible, we are able to facilitate training at any of our Training Centres located in Bristol, Harrogate, Reading and Swansea.