Training and Mentoring

Supplementing and supporting your in-house IT team with a full range of managed IT services, available standalone or as part of an integrated solution. Get exactly what your organization needs to boost efficiency, increase productivity and get a competitive edge. Getting the most out of your IT investment and providing an easy transition for your users is critical to any company. To the effective use of applications to their fullest potential mentoring program goes beyond training and provides hands-on experience that will lead your team/staff to success. A critical indicator for success in any technology deployment is the way in which users are introduced to technology and brought up to speed on how to leverage it carry out their responsibilities more efficiently. A pair‐wise analysis to pinpoint the source of the differences between the various training methods indicates that all training methods are significantly different except for frontal and simulator and therefore an organization considering these two methods can select them indifferently. Our training provides high quality end user training, administrator training, train the trainer, or just experts skill training to make easier for you to succeed in your business activities.

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